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Elgato EyeTV Netstream 4C – Part #2

It’s dead 🙁

I wrote to Elgato support (regarding the issue I mentioned in the first post about the 4C), but before they could reply I noticed that the firmware was not up to date (though the app said it had updated it, and did not complain anymore.

The unit reported version 1.1.0-402r1, but the update file was labeled 1.1.2.

Somewhere on the internet I read that it might be a good idea to do a reset.
I had not rebooted the device myself after the firmware upgrade, because (as I recall) the app did that for me.

Following the reset indstructions on Elgato’s webpage ( The device is now dead! 🙁

The instructions says the LED should turn red and blue, and then shortly after out out, and the unit automatically reboot.
The lights turned solid red and solid blue, but was stuck there (even after 20 minutes).

Powering off and the device on again in normal mode the left led starts out orange, then quickly turns red, but then nothing more happens.

I don’t think it’s completely dead, because I suspect it’s the bootloader that turns the left LED from orange to red, and then the firmware should turn it green.
It’s dead enough though that it does not ask of an IP address.


This too I wrote to Elgato support. Here’s the complete email:

Hi Elgato.

I’ve run into a new problem with my Netstream 4C.
My device won’t start 🙁

I was looking at the firmware version of my 4c, and 1.1.0-402r1 is a old
firmware, so I wanted to reboot/reset my unit, hoping it would then
update the firmware to te correct version.
The unit has not been rebooted since the android app said it had
firmware updated the device.

Thus I proceeded with the instructions found here:

Holding the reset button down, the left led first turns orange for a
short while, then the right led turns solid blue, and just after this,
the left led turns solid red.
I then release the reset button.
After 20 minutes the left led is still solid red and the right led solid

I figured something went wrong, so I powered off the device, left it for
10 seconds, and then powered it back up.
Now the left led is solid red, and after 30 minutes it has not turned
green yet.

How can I recover the device to a working state and update to the latest

Mark Urup


Their reply:

Dear Mark,

Thank you for contacting Elgato Systems. The Netstream 4C is sold and supported in Germany only.

I suggest you return the device to your reseller.

Very best,
Technical Support
Elgato Systems LLC

I don’t really want to return the device, as I’m sure it’s great (after a bit of tweaking perhaps), I might need to.
I’ve written to support again hoping they can assist me in loading a new firmware, so I can keep it. Otherwise it’s being returned 🙁