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New home

So I finally took the time to set up the new (low power) server, and play a little with it.

I initially had planned to use raspberry pi (and I did for a while), but sadly, it turned out to be underpowered for my needs.
It simply ran out of memory, and apache/mysql kept crashing as a result.

I haven’t decided on a theme or style yet for this new home, so it’ll properly change over time.

One thing I really do need to fix asap is my backup scheme, as, for those of you who have followed this site, and/or the one’s I’m hosting, I had a BIG server failure, and sadly none of the disks were salvageable, and what do you know tapes SUCK for backup, if you’re only doing it once in a while.

Thus, I’m moving to a online backup scheme.

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